Pain in the shoulder: exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff

Pain in the shoulder can be avoided! These exercises and stretching exercises will strengthen the rotator cuff and prevent injury to the shoulder joint. For a strong, stable and healthy shoulder!

These exercises strengthen the rotator cuff

Do 30-40 repetitions per arm with Fitnesstubes or the Theraband. Reinforce the resistance as needed. When warming up, however, you should always start with little resistance to force, so that the rotator cuff is not already too much burden from the outset.

Remember, especially for the shoulder joint applies: warm slowly and gently, with low, gradual load. Resistance Bands or resistance bands are available in different strengths. They allow you different levels of resistance and are therefore the perfect training device for the home, the office and on the move. Below in the article you will find the appropriate stretching exercises.

Effective exercises for a strong and resilient shoulder

Secure the Theraband to a fixed object at the level of the outstretched arm. Clamp the Theraband and do the shoulder exercises as follows:

Shoulder Exercise 1: Throw Acceleration

They stand laterally to the attachment point of the tape. Grab it over your head; the thumb points upwards. Pull your arm across the body down to the opposite hip, then return it to its original position.

Exercise 2: Stretching the shoulder

Grasp it with the outstretched arm. With the elbow straight, pull the tape straight back. Stretch your arm as far back as possible. Guide the arm in the same position back to the starting position.

Exercise 3: External rotation of the upper arm

The arm is spread out by 90 ° and the elbow bent 90 °. Hold the arm with maximum internal rotation in front of the attachment point. Rotate the shoulders at full external rotation, keeping elbow and arm flexed.

However, we recommend this exercise only with a supportive device, as the causes could possibly get worse!

Exercise 4: Litter Delay

Imagine the attachment point; the shoulders are bent by 30 °. Bring your arm into a position as if you were about to throw. Here the scapula is retracted, arm and elbow are at a 90 ° angle, and the shoulder completely turned outwards. Make a controlled throw motion and then return the arm with a 30 ° bend.

Exercise 5: Shoulder flexion

Stand to the side of the attachment point; the arm is straight, shoulder fully extended. Put the shoulder in the fully bent position; the arm stays straight, the thumb points upwards.

Exercise 6: Rowing exercise for the scapular muscles

Stand with a view of the point of attachment; the elbows are stretched, the shoulders are bent, and the shoulder blades are fully extended. Pull back the band by squeezing the shoulder blades and bending your elbows 90 degrees. Guide the arm back to its starting position with a controlled movement.

Exercise 7: Boxing exercise for the scapular muscles

Stand to the side of the attachment point; The arms are on the sides, the elbows are bent, and the shoulder blades pressed against each other. Now do some boxing moves forward. Stretch your elbow, bend your shoulder, and push your shoulder blade forward.

Exercise 8: in the scapula plane

Spread the arm away from the body, with the thumb upwards, on the scapula plane until the arm is bent 90 °. Return to the starting position.


The following stretching exercises for shoulder pain should be performed regularly

Stretching Exercise 1: Breast extension

Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor and arms outstretched sideways. Drop your knees to one side, making sure the opposite shoulder stays as tight as possible on the floor. If necessary, you can fix the shoulder with a partner or a sandbag. Hold this position for 1 minute, and do 2 repetitions on both sides.

Stretching Exercise 2: Elongation of the back shoulder capsule

Pass the arm over the front of the body and touch the opposite shoulder blade. With your free hand, gently push the elbow of the other arm back and forth. Hold this position for 1 minute. Repeat the exercise with the other arm.

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