Losing weight despite Hashimoto: The way to the desired weight

Hand on the heart: What Hashimoto symptoms bother the most? Tiredness? The muscle pain? Sleep disorders? Or the heart racing? The truth for most women is: the weight gain! When talking to those affected, the conversation always comes at some point on the topic of losing weight. Hardly anyone has their starting weight again, almost all quarrel and fight with their figure. Hashimoto, however, is no reason to abandon the dream of the desired weight!

When the number on the scales gets higher every morning, even though you do sports, eat healthy and eat little, the degree of desperation goes up endlessly. At some point, friends, family and doctors no longer believe that you do not sneak up on the chip bags, chocolate bars and double-cheese pizzas in large quantities in the evenings. You can see it from the incredulous eyes. Eyes do not lie, even if the mouth speaks otherwise. Due to the metabolic disorder associated with Hashimoto, it can quickly happen that you steadily increase despite normal diet. Is it possible to get rid of these kilos now despite Hashimoto?

Unfortunately, I have to say that there is not one recipe for losing weight. I have learned that in recent years. Forget the headlines of women’s magazines: Five Kilos in Seven Days! That can not work, is definitely not healthy and just makes you unhappy. Even if it were too nice!

When it comes to weight loss: Watch yourself! Think about periods when things are not going so well, something you did differently in times when the kilos tumbled. As already described, keep a journal. Then, in retrospect, you can trace back which measure, medication, diet change or exercise unit has had a positive effect on your weight.

Bye, bye carbohydrates

Although most people are reluctant to listen, too much carbohydrates makes us fat! Our body is simply not made for morning bread, noodles for lunch and a sugary coke and in the evening then a few fries to Currywurst to metabolize. This can be seen in the fact that the number of overweight people is increasing despite the anti-fat-hypes of recent years. Not the fat (alone), especially the (wrong) carbohydrates are to blame.

Not only do I take in neat and fast-paced when I consume sugar and Co., but I am tired, ill-tempered, and sluggish. My metabolism gets lame, so it does not help to eat less or exercise excessively. But if I eat mainly turkey and chicken, fish (beware of iodine!), A bit (goat) dairy, very, very, very much vegetables and a few nuts and almonds, I’m fine. I sleep better, my digestion improves, my mood rises, I feel fitter – and I lose weight more easily. It is important to drink plenty of water (see below). Fruit and cereals I treat myself seldom and if, then only in the morning. This gives my body time to metabolize the sugar throughout the day. He does not block fat burning at night.


No movement, no carbs

Because that’s the big problem with carbohydrates: If you move a lot more physically, you can eat all the more carbohydrates because they are burned almost at the same time. However, since we mostly sit today, there is no need for this kind of energy production. The body stores the unused energy in fat deposits – who knows, if not yet a famine will come …
As described to eat corresponds to the so-called Stone Age or Paleo diet. It is based on the theory that humans are not adapted to the modern diet, consisting mainly of sugar and starch, but are genetically left in the Paleolithic, when there was no agriculture and livestock.

This means that we can not metabolize the large amounts of carbohydrates in the form of bread, sweets, high-grown fruits and sweetened soft drinks. Instead, our body is made for the digestion of meat, fish, (low-starchy) vegetables, nuts and seeds. Just what people have found in their habitat 20,000 years or more ago.
If you feed on it mainly, you automatically lose weight (if you have too much of it on the ribs), the blood sugar normalizes, cardiovascular diseases go back. It has been my experience that my thyroid hormones work better when I feed myself this way. Perhaps this has something to do with the liver, which plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism, but which is also responsible for the conversion of hormones. If she is not blocked by breaking down strength – that is heavy work for the detoxification organ – she has more resources to take care of the hormones. As I said, I feel better with the Stone Age diet.


This new German word for “cleaning” is on everyone’s lips. Whether overpriced soup and juices, which are brought home by delivery service every day, really have to be (and bring anything), everyone has to decide for themselves. But I am convinced that it is definitely good for the soul and the body to get rid of contaminated sites and metabolic waste from time to time. Losing weight is at least easier – and you feel freer in the head. And when you’re happy, you do not need chocolate for any grief. Logically, right?


Sleep and stress

Stress makes you fat. That is very exaggerated, but true. If we have stress, the cortisol level rises. The body is ready for flight: Breathing accelerates, oxygen is increasingly transported to the muscles, blood vessels expand for better energy supply, the digestion is shut down. This mechanism dates back to a time when humans often had to flee from evil animals to save their lives. This threat was over after a short time. Complaining bosses, a stressful professional life, continuous sound from television, radio and computer did not exist then. These keep our bodies constantly on alert. Even lack of sleep is part of this constant strain, as well as excessive sports, excessive coffee consumption or regular consumption of energy drinks.

At some point, the cortisol level no longer drops. As the hormone also causes blood sugar levels to rise, so does the risk of being overweight. Especially the dreaded inner abdominal fat is increasing.
In addition, cortisol enhances the breakdown of muscles and prevents the introduction of protein into these – muscles are important if you want to lose weight. The resulting amino acids convert the hormone into glucose, and suddenly there is a large amount of sugar in the blood, which thanks to the cortisol can not burn back into the cells. If the cortisol level does not decrease overnight, the body can not produce growth hormone. This is responsible for all possible repairs in the body, but also for the night fat burning. And so the weight increases and rises – and often you do not even know why.
What’s more: Cortisol inhibits TSH, the “Thyroid Stimulating Hormone”! This explains why many still do not feel well despite a very low TSH. In addition, cortisol suppresses an enzyme that converts the metabolically active T4 into the metabolically active T3.

Progesterone & estrogen

Hashimoto destroys the thyroid gland – and thus a “hormone control center” in the body. No wonder that most other hormones cause problems as well. Many women suffer from estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency. Estrogen ensures that a woman becomes a woman. It is responsible for the typical feminine curve of the hips, buttocks and breasts. But too much is not only responsible for the development of uterine and breast cancer, but also ensures water retention, muscle breakdown and deteriorates blood sugar levels. The fat deposits on hips and thighs grow. The connective tissue on the belly is dellig, you get more cellulite. All things we do not want to have – but I had at times. Simply put, Estrogens store fat, and androgens (Testosterone, DHEA) release it.
By contrast, many women (and myself) have too little of the hormone progesterone. Estrogen’s cycle antagonist dispels excess water, prevents excessive insulin secretion, and melts fat around the hips and abdomen.

Therefore, check with your doctor for estrogen and progesterone in the blood. An estrogen-progesterone ratio of 1: 100 would be ideal. If you take the pill for a long time, the risk of estrogen dominance is high. With a bioidentical progesterone cream I got this imbalance quickly under control. But be careful: you will probably need to reduce your thyroid hormone dose because progesterone improves or enhances it.


Sports with Hashimoto

Exercise increases the metabolic rate and burns fat. Exercise causes muscles to grow that consume additional energy. And: exercise makes you happy and suppresses hunger. And yet many think that you can lose weight while sitting down. But one would have to throttle his calorie intake but so much that the body switches to a kind of emergency program. As a result, the metabolism is shut down. And losing weight becomes even more difficult. So, get off the sofa! Let’s go!
I’ve been jogging for all these years, no matter how bad. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. And even if I did not always lose weight, at least I kept my muscles. They degrade very quickly if you do not move. This is a problem especially for us women. And then losing weight becomes even more difficult. Not to mention that a defined body always looks better than a wobbly. I’m not talking about muscle mountains or bodybuilder dimensions here. But of slim arms, beautiful legs and a flat stomach. But please do not put too much pressure on yourself. Even if you may not be able to see your muscles right now, they are here! And that is the most important!


We always read that it is important to drink a lot of water. But hardly anyone really knows why. Our body consists of 72 percent water, and the brain even 85 percent. Just a few percent of too little water can cause dizziness, headaches, tiredness, muscle spasms and much more. I feel immediately when I forget to take my water bottle with me. But many have lost their thirst and have to force themselves to drink. Start today, I promise you, you will experience true miracles.
After Dr. Peter Lindner, a California overweight expert, keeps the body water until it has enough fluid. It takes about four liters a day until the increased excretion begins. The increase in the amount of drink must be done very slowly. Otherwise exactly the opposite happens. The body clings even more to its supplies. Even when is important: I always try to keep a distance of one to one and a half hours between meal and large drinking volume, so that the stomach acid is not diluted. This would confuse the entire digestive system.

Pleasant side effect of luscious wetting: The endocrine system (keyword hormones!) Works better, as well as fat burning, metabolism and digestion. The aging process is slowed down. I feel more alert and more efficient. Liver and kidneys are better cleaned. And of course, you lose weight rather because you are less hungry and the substances released by fat loss are better eliminated.


Take a look in your pillbox. What is there like that? Antidepressants? Beta blockers? Diuretics? Sedative? Anti-diabetic drugs? All of them can make losing weight impossible, on the contrary, they can even lead to proper weight gain. The contraceptive pill or estrogen in general is one of them. And many anti-inflammatory drugs such as cortisone, in this case by water retention. Cholesterol lowering drugs, so-called statins, lower the coenzyme Q-10 value in the body and the conversion of T4 into T3. So, care! If you have found any of your medications in this list, talk to your doctor about it. Never use medication on your own because you suspect it is responsible for your weight gain. Maybe you will find an alternative together with the professional.

Protein deficiency

Just when you feel that you have enough protein with the help of the Stone Age diet, you might think that this substance should definitely not be missing from your body. I have personally experienced that you can still suffer from protein deficiency. The reason: Like many Hashimoto patients, I also have problems with the intestine over and over again. By regularly occurring colonization with Clostridia, the intestine can not properly absorb the nutrients. The total protein levels in my blood decreased over time with me more and more. The result was an immense muscle loss and water retention.

As soon as I sat longer or temperatures rose in the summer, I could literally feel the water jamming in my calves. They became so bulging that it really hurt. Only the next morning, the problem had mostly evaporated. Also storing your legs up or high doses of dehydration tablets (please do not imitate!) Brought no relief for years. Some time ago my GP recommended MAP tablets, Master Amino Pattern, amino acid tablets. And that helped.
Amino acids are the building blocks of life and the basis of our existence. The immune system, our muscles, hair, skin and organs – everything consists of proteins, ie amino acids – need daily a certain amount of it in order to work properly. Without proteins, there are no repairs at night in our body, cells are not renewed, we can not build muscle and the metabolism is on the back burner. A disaster, if you want to lose weight! Unfortunately, the MAP tablets are very expensive, but so far there is no adequate, qualitatively equivalent alternative.

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